Real Outdoors TV host, Matt Wettish, demonstrates how going after trout with ultralight 2 lb. test line in a fast moving current can be extremely effective.


  1. would a 6 foot or 7 foot pole be better. dont have 6.5 foot, gonna use this
    method in the fast waters of montana! Also where in the river are you
    looking to cast? Thanks

  2. enjoy your videos! 2lb test is the only way to go, good ultralite rod and a
    1000 series reel w a good drag, man oh man nothin beats it… tight lines! 

  3. I just started going after steal head and big browns in northern michigan
    using spinners. do you think 2lb would be sufficient or should I jump up to
    4 or 6 or even using it as leader with heavier line? I’m new to this type
    of fishing so any info would help seeing i don’t want to lose any if

  4. im 15 and im gonna be in the mountains near las vegas new mexico for the
    next week… what kind of bait do u recommend????

  5. I just started fishing last fall, amazed by this technique. This video
    convinced me to go light… Lightest gone with is 4lb. test mono and caught
    23inch river rainbow trout. Since it’s winter here right now, lakes are
    frozen. Will this work on ponds and lakes?

  6. Great info bud and well explained. Subscribed 🙂 .. When would you
    recommend a float on a stream or river ?

  7. This past weekend my splitshots kept sliding down my 2lb test line to the
    hook, very frustrating. Water Gremlins PSS-7 is the only size on the bag.
    Any clues?

  8. i’m new at fishing.. my line always flows with the river and ends up near
    the bank in fast moving water when i am bait fishing. how can i bait fish
    in rivers like this. please help me. we only have these types of rivers in
    our country.

  9. Did you not use a float in this video or were you just using a hook and
    worm? Sorry if this seems kind of stupid, I’m quite new to fishing :)

  10. Im Just Wondering What Fiahing Rod Is That Because I Love To Fish And I Am
    13 Years Old Im Been Fishing My Whole life.

  11. Did you not use a float in this video or were you just using a hook and
    worm? Sorry if this seems kind of stupid, I’m quite new to fishing :)

  12. My favorite way to fish for trout, be it in rivers or lakes, is with 2lb
    test and an ultralight setup. It makes for an exciting day!

    I’m curious about the full setup you used. Were you using a small slinky
    for weight along with the mealworn and hook?

  13. Any suggestions on an inexpensive slow-action ultralight rod? Yours here
    seems to be a bit faster action. I’m looking for one that bends from the
    hilt all the way up the rod. Thanks for any info. =)

  14. Very good video because my wife and I are fishing with ultralight rods and
    4 lb. fluorocarbon line this year (our first time fishing with ultralight
    gear). We’ll also be fishing faster water since we’re in southwestern PA
    and we get lots of rain, so those were great tips.


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