LamePbassin and I struck up the regional pond to contend in our first Barbie Pole obstacle. Instead of doing exactly what a lot of have actually currently done we chose to include our own twist and include the MTB Pro box. Not just did we need to fish with a 2ft fairy wand, however we were likewise restricted to exactly what we were enabled to fish with. I truly hope you enjoyed this little obstacle video. Hit me with a tip with exactly what obstacle we ought to do next and we will attempt to make it take place. As constantly … keep fishing, NEVER stop!



  1. John I have an idea, there is a Youtuber called Tim galati that is a master
    at catching smallies. I mean this guy catches 18+ inches weekly and I think
    it would be awesome to see you guys together

  2. im mad that you guys can catch fish using a walmart frozen rod and
    sometimes i cant catch anything with all my good equipment


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