The most tough bass fishing of the year for me. Summer can be really difficult. The heat drains pipes the energy right from you however if you understand where to want to discover them and the best ways to fish for them you can turn a bad day into an excellent one.


  1. Keep the videos coming Fluke, have learned alot from you. Very informative
    really appreciate the time you invest in this. Great editor, thumbs up to
    you Matt.

  2. What fish finder would you suggest for a FIRST on my 85 ProCraft? I’ve
    never owned one before and I’m ON A BUDGET!

  3. great video Gene very informative thanks for the tips I will be trying them
    out tomorrow when i go to the lake

  4. The new audio and video quality are super nice! And the angles you used
    were on point as well gene. Keep it up! Btw the time lapse was super nice


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