A basic and brief bass fishing video on how I fish rip rap and portion rock.



  1. I needed this, thanks. I always gravitate towards the big banks of rip rap
    but rarely catch anything on them. Does any of this change when fishing
    them from the bank?

  2. What if the crankbait isn’t bouncing off the rocks but just sliding around
    them? That’s still okay for getting reaction strikes, right?

  3. good to see you getting back into the tips and how to vids. Don’t
    necessarily dislike the vlogs, but these are the vids I come to youtube

  4. You should do another trip to somewhere north like Michigan, do some
    smallmouth fishing on lake St.. Clair an the Detroit river

  5. Great video I like to wacky rig the rip rap or I love using ur best keep
    secret the creeper jig with a craw it very rarely get stuck and I fish the
    river here in Michigan that is one jig or shaky head I am glad u told us
    about it’s a beast in heavy rock thank you

  6. Another great informative video. Nice work. Does the same thing applies
    when fishing from shore ?

  7. try stupid rigging a tube on the rap, you can work it slow and stay snag
    free. it can be money around heavily pressured areas.


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