Lure: XCalibur Crankbait – No longer being made.
Suggested Lure:
Red Eye Shad – Chili Craw
Rod: 7′ Quantum Tour KVD
Reel: Quantum Tour KVD PT 6.6:1
Line: 17 lb. Vicious

Feeding crawfish to largemouth bass then fishing with crawfish pattern crankbaits.



  1. Not sure what the laws are where you are but where I’m from, you definitely
    broke a few laws! Unless you are stocking your own private pond, then
    that’s cool! Nice Bass though!

  2. that $80 crawfish sag! You use the hold sag for bass fishing lol… You
    must be really crazy about bass fishing. lol!.. I don’t think nobody in
    they right mind will do that!…

  3. I hope those crayfish were indigenous to that body of water. Otherwise they
    can take over the lake/pond.

  4. Thats some skinny bass you have there. Someone needs to feed them. Maybe
    the mudbugs will assist in that. Those bass should be fatter than that for


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