Ayo! Thanks for watch homies. Due to the fact that vlog I chose to pump out, Here is a simply. I was feeling anxious so I chose to obtain out of the home and consider a huge worm for some dumb pond bass. I hope you enjoyed this design of video.



  1. Question for you,..i’m a die hard catch and release, but if you catch a
    state record would you release, or take it in to be official? Or is a
    picture good enough? Thanks

  2. I like to use popping frogs in the summer, particularly a Spro bronze eye
    with leopard pattern. That’s been my go-to for awhile now. It works very
    well. Good luck everyone!

  3. When you’re pond fishing with worms, do you just cast and reel slowly, or
    do you cast and let it sink and twitch it? Is their a technique to doing
    it? If been to a couple different ponds using worms and bullet weights…
    all texas rigged, and have only caught 2 bass in 2 diff. ponds… Do you
    have any suggestions for me to help me catch more bass?


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