This bass fishing kayak journey was a DISASTER!!! Since you people kept requesting me to fish out of a kayak I chose to attempt it. It ended up being a lot more challenging than I believed! I handled to lose about 10 fish and land 2. Although it was a difficulty fishing from a kayak for the very first time I had a good time and I intend on getting a couple for myself!

Inno chance was this video meant to dissuade you from fishing from a kayak. I really had more enjoyable on this fishing expedition than I have on any fishing expedition I’ve been on this year! I motivate all you to attempt kayak fishing!



  1. Kayak fishing is so fun. I love going out on mine. I only have a basic
    angler one though. Not the fancy one with the foot pedals

  2. If you know that you’re in pike territory, why not tie on a 12″ black metal
    leader? It couldn’t hurt anything.

  3. The title should have been Kayak Bass Fishing WIN. You went fishing from a
    So that’s a win all day. And you caught fish so that’s a bonus. Good job


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