Hey there folks! In this bass fishing VLOG I go to main Nebraska to fish with some high school pals of mine. We started fishing a lake called Elwood Reservoir near Lexington, NE. Unfortunately the water was incredibly high and stained making it hard to find the fish. We left the lake around 9am (primarily due to the fact that we ran out gas) and visited a pond or pond (whatever you choose) that we have actually never ever been to in the past. We started by fishing response design lures. Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, frogs, chatterbaits, and so on. without any success. After a fast lunch break we chose to attempt fishing much deeper, casting our texas rigged stick baits on the edges of the weedlines in 7-10feet of water. We got bit practically immediately. After fishing around the lake about 3 or 4 times and boating over a lots bass we could not take the heat any longer and headed back to the cabin. Overall it was a fantastic day out on the water even tho we could not type in on a strong topwater bite in the early morning.


► GEAR ◄.

▪Lures: Senko Green Pumpkin http://amzn.to/28YHOiZ

▪Line: 17 pound Seaguar Invizx http://amzn.to/299DfYO

▪Rod: Castaway Taranis 7ft Heavy http://bit.ly/1qzFnf6

▪Reel: 7.5:1.

▪Scent: Bass Dynasty http://bit.ly/1WH2P8b

▪Scale: Reel Sonar Scale http://amzn.to/291Z9uP

▪Sunglasses: Hoven Monix http://amzn.to/28XFTgk

▪Boat: 1999 Bass Tracker175





▪WaterClarity: clear.

▪Wind: 5-15


▪WaterDepth: 7-10ft.

▪ Location: Somewhere near Lexington, NE.




  1. Come here to lake Eire NY we have monster smallmouth sand wallies double or
    maby even triple the size of the ones you catch!

  2. I’ve fished all my life. Love it. I have never done it to just catch fish I
    did it to spend time with my family and relax. I go fishing in a lake, from
    the docks they have. I want to start catching lots more fish. The water is
    brown and visibility would be low, since it’s summer the water it warming
    up. It varies from 4-7 feet deep, and there’s a ton of mud and grass.
    There’s a straight drop off from the other side of the spot I fish at (the
    docks) and it’s pretty vegetated and tons of trees there. I can’t usually
    cast it over there because I always get snagged. If you want to look up
    lake I fish at, it’s called Rocky Fork Lake in Hillsboro, Ohio. I want to
    catch some more bass, and some catfish because when someone catches a good
    sized one we take it home and feed the family with it. I want to pass these
    tips that you guys give me onto my family aswell. Thanks to anyone who is

  3. Go to massachusettes i have a lake house and a lake behind it and u can
    fish there from july 3-12 whenever you want it is in cape cod dm me if u
    want to fish there i will send u the adress my instagram is @lukebrennan04


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