Top water Frog Fishing

In this episode we cover the basics of fishing top water frog lures in the hollow body style. We cover the rods, reels, line and areas to target as well as what makes a good area from a bad one. Sit back and enjoy a fun filled educational frog fishing episode!


  1. Were those docks the ones at the Oroville laugh ramps? What are some good
    places to fish on the delta? My grandparents live in Discovery Bay and grew
    up just fishing from the dock. Stumbled on your channel last week and love
    it! Getting back into fishing so all these vids are really helping me, keep
    it up!

  2. lot of good tips, but would have liked to hear the guy who kept getting cut
    off, always good to hear 2 perspectives on the same day!

  3. I got a 7’6 heavy rod for swimbaits however i dont fish swimbaits alot so
    would that rod work for a frog

  4. Lot of fishermen complain about missing bass on frogs. I only use frogs
    where other lures cannot go. This means I don’t have any other chance to
    even get those bass except with a frog. So, even if I miss some, so what. I
    still put myself in a position to get those extra strikes where no other
    lure can go anyway. So, it’s a frog or nothing. Even when missed, it’s
    still exciting just getting those top water hits. The other thing is many
    of those bass will stay put after a miss, that’s why they are in those
    particular spots to begin with. So, you can often get multiple attempts at
    hooking the same bass. We threw our frogs maybe 30 times in to this one
    area. Missed strike after missed strike before finally pulling two of them
    out. It was pretty fun…. them vs us!!

  5. Here In NH the water temp is from 47 to 56 degrees depending on rain. I
    still frog fish bass just cant stop themselves from chomping them. Love
    late fall bass fishing !!!


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