Crappie Fishing Clear Lake, techniques & suggestions!
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Inthis episode we fish Clear Lake throughout the crappie post generate. It wound up being more of a summertime pattern with much deeper overseas fishing. We break down the techniques and lures utilized to effectively find the crappie we captured! From ultra light spinning gear to medium light we cover all of it in this episode of the Informative Fisherman Show!

1: 50 Locating the crappie by means of pattern.
2: 26 How to inform black crappie verses white.
2: 48 Zac with a great bass.
4: 08 How to find crappie by means of weather.
8: 58 Targeting bigger crappie.
11: 01 Big school!
12: 00 The setups utilized and why.
15: 02 Beat down!
17: 08 Divinator mini information.
19: 02 Wind drift and place over discussion.
21: 12 $1,000.00bet!
22: 08 Setting the hook and battling them.


  1. I just moved to the IE area from DFW, TX and have not caught a single thing
    anywhere here. Maybe all the fish are in norcal!!

  2. Great hook setting advice! With today’s sharper hooks I haven’t had much
    trouble getting the accompanying Bass hooked up using the Crappy hook set
    technique when fishing for Crappy. Did you guys encounter more Bass then
    just the one we saw on the video? Should be a few bass on those ledges
    about now too.

  3. Great crappie video. Love it. You deserve more sub. I have learned so much
    information from you. Thank you. Ronnie. Texas.


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