A great deal of individuals have actually asked to an option to spider rigging and live baits. In this video you will find out more a couple of suggestions and techniques to capture fish in shallow water with synthetic baits!


  1. Seems funny that the guy who is selling all the rods to us people spider
    rigging would make a video about single polling

  2. GREAT VID! I too like to feel the strike, swim a bait and so forth. I
    started crappie fishing back in the 60’s when ultra lights were a “new
    thing”, we caught plenty of fish with 5-5.5 ft rods. If they were really
    up in the willows we would rig up a fly rod so I see the merit to both
    approaches and use both myself (although I don’t spider rig, more of a
    doodle socker). But if a person wants to catch crappie in heavy brush over
    ten feet deep they’d better learn to swim a jig on a short stick.

  3. In 55 degree weather, feb 6th 2016, Alabama Southern Crappie, how deep
    would you recommend fishing? Live Minnows it would be and the water is high
    and a little murky since the rainfall recently. But they guy said they are
    catching 3lbs.


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