#37: John & Dominique Mosqueda’s Memorial Day week end Crappie fishing expedition with the household. Steck Park Idaho on the Snake river Idaho/Oregon border. A good time was had by all and the kids had a blast playing around as well as captured some fish! God bless our soldiers that have actually offered their lives for our flexibility!


  1. Wow! What fun! So many nice crappy! Let us know sometime how you cooked
    them up. Congratulations to Dominique on the nice bass!

  2. Don’t take this the wrong way brother but you and that good looking wife of
    yours have a great fishing spot there…No better way to spend a weekend
    than with the family slaying the fish…Nice stringer…

  3. Hey John, just wanted to say thank you for all the good tips and tricks.
    You have a lovely family and we had a great time fishing thanks to your
    advice. I hope to see you guys again. This is Jose by the way from the
    Mexican Taliban LOL!!!


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