Docks are crappie magnets throughout the spring and fall months, and dock shooting is the most reliable method to reach them. Crappie fishing ace Lee Pitts simplifies in information in this comprehensive video: ways to shoot docks, fish area, checking out docks, tackle/equipment and more. If you like crappie fishing and take pleasure in a little eye-hand coordination, you’ll wish to see this.


  1. Nice video, do you have to deal with a lot of people complaining about you
    fishing so close to their docks? I would have that problem here, and I dont
    think I could do that for too long without hooking their dock on occasion.
    I wouldnt advise fishing like that unless your very good at casting
    accuracy or you will get some angry homeowners!

  2. Why does he have that expensive boat when he is fishing off a dock? Also,
    warms work the best, I always use them.


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