Made it out to the lake to crappie fish for the very first time in months, wound up getting in touch with a couple of. Hopefully the bite gets quickly and I can return out with a couple of more keepers.

DSLR- Canon 70 D.
Lens- Canon 10-18mm.
GoPro- Hero 4Silver

E-Mail- Wcjghunters @gmail. com.
Instagram- Walker_Wilson13
Twitter- @Walker_WFish.

BeastCoast Tungsten-


  1. What’s up buddy, cedar creek provides an excellent summer crappie bite. Go
    under the 198 bridge and fish the columns. You should have a blast, if the
    crappie don’t cooperate you can always find the sandies and hybrids on
    points and humps by the dam.

  2. You might think this is hella weird but I saw you at the ACT today and got
    excited and wanted to say hey but I would’ve been awkward. Lol, but if you
    ever need a fishin partner or something hit me up man! You seem like a
    really cool dude. Keep up the great vids!

  3. 3:42 actually starts fishing. You should probably cut that time to maybe
    1:00 m8 especially with the title u chose.

  4. Hey man I’m from California and am going to Texas next week. I’m fishing @
    lake port if you’re familiar with that lake…. any tips on fishing for any
    species? I really have no clue what its like halfway across the country..


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