The place of this quarry continues to be concealed. There are countless quarries out there, a number of which yield fantastic fishing.

Thetime pertained to return the Quarry that was so kind to us in 2014, this was our very first time attempting the quarry in 2016 and the fishing was much slower than prepared for, in the end though we still had a good day. Caught the majority of the bass on jig and pigs and the crappies on little soft plastics like 2″ grubs.


Mybass rod is a 6′ 6 st croix devoted, and a shimano sahara 2500 reel.

Crappierod is a 5′ st croix premier ultra light with a field and stream reel.




  1. love your videos dude! fresh water angler from south Florida here. loved
    your 4 videos fishing the keys hope you do more stay safe

  2. It might be better for this pond if you took out some of the bass. They
    might not be so skinny. To many fish and not enough forage.


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