This is a couple of journeys crafted and I utilized minnows and jigs. The lakes I fished were Lake Hamilton and LakeGreeson When it comes to crappie fishing, I discussed some of my techniques of the trade. Enjoy, and if you have any concerns simply let me understand.


  1. What part of Arkansas are you in man? I live on mountain harbor resort on
    lake ouchita. You ever get down here?

  2. Ding Ding! You are the WINNER!!
    I just watched parts of about 50 open water Crappie videos shot this year,
    and was actually angry about how most of these guys know squat about
    fishing – let alone catching decent sized crappie. So I send you kudos for
    your video – I wish I could place it on thee top of the list to help the
    newbies. One thing I can offer is a better source of floats. You are SO
    right about resistance and using good balsa floats and not trying to have
    those sensitive bitters have to contend with what amounts to dragging a
    beach ball under water! The more sensitive the float, the less the fish is
    likely to spit the offering. Anywho – Thill Floats introduced by Mick Thill
    (was near Chicago)is one great source. The other being Dan Gapen (Becker
    MN) as being my 2 BEST in CLASS builders of awesome floats.
    ~Tight Lines~ Max

  3. hey Arkansas Fishing new subscriber live in hot springs Arkansas and
    usually go fishing on lake Hamilton or lake degray where do you think I
    should be going in those areas and what should I be using???


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