Crappie fishing in the summer season can be aggravating. If you understand exactly what to type in on you’ll have an effective day on the water. In the video I discuss hotspots for crappie in the summer season. These are high portion locations that will hold crappie.


  1. Love me some crappie fishing. If you are ever in the Monte Ne area and
    looking for a fishing buddy I am there. Great video.

  2. Great video, thanks for posting!! Just curious what kind of lure are you
    using with the float while fishing around the docks? Is it a slip bobber
    set up or do you prefer having it set to a specific depth?

  3. Are those crappie always relating to brush under those docks, or just
    suspended? What area of Hamilton? (I’ll be there in August). Really looking
    forward to video from your pc when you break down the lake. I appreciate
    all your help! Please keep videos coming!!

  4. Does that Northern end of the lake (with the colder water from the dam)
    have a different pre/post spawn than Southern end of Hamilton? Thanks for
    your help!!!


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