Join the Humblefisherman for a day in the the southern Alberta Rockies fly fishing deep for trophy rainbows.


  1. Hey man, how do you like that WM for still water fishing? I just ordered a
    Kodiak from Rich in Stevensville.

  2. That rainbow with the red band, is probably the nicest rainbow i’ve ever
    seen. I wish i knew the technique to lake fishing!

  3. Thanks Kid! Sparrow was a red tri color australian shepherd. She passed
    away in the fall of 2008 but will live forever in our vids. My new dog
    Maple is also a red aussi.e She too is a very good dog and an essential
    part of our safety in the backcountry.

  4. oops thats Fishing for trout 5/27/07/from sylvanfish. Nice rainbows, can’t
    wait to retire so I can raise a couple pups. My dogs used to go everywhere
    with me, lucky guy.


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