1. Awesome video! It would be cool if you could make a beginners introduction
    video to fly fishing. That is something I really would like to get into.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    – Martin

  2. I say hell yeah. I would like to see more videos like this. Great time to
    try out some of that new gear from those subscription boxes.

  3. Yeah, those were beautiful little trout and in a brook or stream the size
    you were fishing I can’t imagine them getting much bigger. As for what
    types of videos, well heck, it’s your channel, knock yourself out. Enjoy.

  4. I’ve only been one time this year and didn’t have any luck. I’m gonna try
    to go again soon to a different place. Although I got a fly rod I don’t
    know how to use it, I like my utra lites.

  5. An old war dog here (Strategic Air Command). Love your videos, man. Very
    unpretentious… what you see is what you get. The world could use more
    folks like you. As to the fly-fishing, I’m sure you’re aware that trout see
    about as well as a hawk. Those skinny waters require a bit of stealth for
    optimum results. But, just being there is its own reward. Jones Gap is 30
    minutes north of me, as I live in Greenville, SC… God’s country, no lie.
    Keep ’em coming, son.

  6. Would definitely like to see more videos like this. Thanks for taking us
    along! Digging that MC Blackscout cap too!

  7. I really enjoyed this video. I wouldn’t mind if they were longer with
    perhaps more review time of the gear you took with you. Thanks.


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