Ever wonder what it’s like to travel to Oregon and d an over night drift boat camping fly fishing trip? Watch this video and see just how awesome it is!

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  1. I’m going to Oregon in August as well around Eugene. what is the general
    area of the river your fishing on so I can get some of the excitement of
    the Browns if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Very good narration and video! Good looking waters. That 23″ rainbow right
    off the bat was nuts. The pacific NW has been getting pretty cold while the
    rest of the country is frying.

  3. when i’m at work people always ask me how i’m doing i always say living the
    dream being sarcastic of course but now i truly see what living the dream
    really looks like not just in this one video but all the videos ive seen
    love the vids. look forward to the up coming vids for the archery hunts.

  4. Good day for both of us I caugh my first salmon and it was 15 lbs,caught 6
    salmon and one small rainbow trout

  5. What rivers where you on? Looks like the Metolius, if not that then the
    upper Deschutes, or the John Day, or maybe the Klamath. Why not tell us in
    the description at least?


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