Fly fishing for brown trout with grasshopper dry flies and hand planed bamboo fly rods in the wild west’s rattlesnake infested waters.


  1. Are you fishing out of Rattle snake creek between the 80 and Saratoga, WY?
    Right near Elk Mountain? Oh, I would love to know, I have so many childhood
    memories, Thanks, Carrie

  2. I want to hate you guys cause you have all the means to do what you do but
    really I hate myself for foolishly squandering a small fortune on graphite
    names. Will you guys ever drop a poor mans model? You know, for the guys
    with more aquaseal on their waders than goretex. Your rods are farout your
    vids are farout, and atleast I can live vicariously through them. Titties!


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