In this brief Simms fly fishing video, Jake Dodd capturing trout on dry flies throughout a golden stone and salmonfly hatch. Jake fishes a fly called a “chubby” with a fantastic stonefly profile – a great dry fly to fish when there are numerous stonefly types hatching.


  1. Duuuuuuuude, …amazing bite captures! After experiencing the joy of
    catching trout, the only greater thrill is watching the trout behavior as
    they hit your lure. So educational to see how they strike. If you have
    the time and patience to observe how the indigenous insects land and sit on
    the water, you’ll surely have a successful fishing trip. 

  2. hey buddy, this is an awesome video !! I am from texas and don’t get to do
    a lot a fishing like this ( there is some pretty good fishing in the hill
    country rivers) though.
    I will say that down here by the gulf coast there is some awesome fishing
    as well like fly fishing for Red fish in the flats on the bay. Huge
    Thanks for sharing…

  3. What state and river are you on in this video? Great time when the big
    stones are flopping around everywhere!


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