Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish 2016 Western Tour. First video… Idaho! The famous Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. 9′ Orvis Helios 2 5wt with Rio In-Touch line. Idaho is incredible. Some of the best fly fishing in the west.

Fly Shop: Henry’s Fork Angler

Food in Ashton: FroStop



  1. Nice video!! You should try going to Galloups Slide Inn next year if you
    head out there. I go there every year and the fishing is EXCEPTIONAL. Me
    and my dad usually catch several browns over 20 each time

  2. Awesome video. love Idaho and Utah fishing. Check out south fork of snake
    river, Harriman state park. and for utah the Weber river or green River if
    you can make it out there. heck just hit every blue ribbon stream here :)

  3. Dude, love your videos first off and have been following you for a couple
    of years on YouTube. Also, I’m literally sitting here in Cali planning a
    week long trip this next week up to Eastern Idaho including Henry’s Fork
    and I decide to “take a break” and see if anyone’s uploaded new vids and
    here you post a brand new vid showing off exactly where I’m headed!
    Anyways, looks like you had a great trip! Keep up the great footage for all
    of us forced to work instead of fish.

  4. Awesome video! Really enjoy your videos and this was a really interesting
    one. Looks like you had a lot of fun out west, I’m headed out to Alberta
    for a week in 5 days from now and I’m pretty stoked. Off to watch your Utah
    pocket water video, keep up the great content!

  5. Ken i’m so enviousness, watching the water you fished, and quality of trout
    caught. for me it would be a trip of a life time. excellent video. they
    just get better. tight line my friend.

  6. come on man you can’t give away all the secret spots that just
    irresponsible…lol… what part of Utah did you fish at ?

  7. Awesome video Ken……I’m actually watching this sitting at my campground
    outside of Spearfish, South Dakota. Some of the best small stream fishing
    I’ve ever seen…..what’s even better is that during the week, you could
    possibly be the only angler out here for miles in the Black Hills. Been
    catching 20 to 30 an hour…..some small, some 14 to 15″ but it’s the fun
    of it that counts. Keep the videos coming!!

  8. Great video, Ken! I’m sorry but I laughed at your ‘structure spot’ when the
    fish were slipping off left and right. Haha, your reactions were hilarious!
    Glad you enjoyed our western rivers!


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