Things get bad at 2:50
Chrisgets rekt at 5:00
1R1R gets rekt at 5:20
AJ poops his trousers at 7:30


.Location: Mountains,Pennsylvania.Date:


Pattern: not to adhere death in the howling winds.
TimeFished: 8: 30 am – 4: 00 pm (will be launching more videos of this journey on Tuesday!).
AirTemp: Low of 14 degrees, high of 24 degrees.
WaterClarity: 24 inches.
Conditions: Mostly cloudy with winds from the NE as much as 25 miles per hour.


  1. LOL!!! you guys crack me up. Ice cleats are needed when the ice is that
    slippery. My favorites are Kahtoola microspikes. They will keep you out
    of the emergency room.

  2. It’s good to have ice splippers on boots (in Poland you can’t praticipate
    in ice fishing tournaments without ice splippers and emergency tools). My
    question is – in US natural lures are not allowed for ice fishing? You got
    beatiful fish in your waters and as I can see, ice fishing is not so
    popular, as well as techniques used are not advanced. With a bit more
    sensitive and better prepared gear and natural lures fishing can be way
    more succesful.

    Greetings from Poland and gratz for 100k subs :)

  3. lol , that was entertaining, yet makes me not look forward to my 1st ice
    fishing trip in a couple weeks?? That last fall though!!! looked like it
    hurt a bit…..

  4. wanna thank you cats for respecting the fisheries. releasing them in a
    timely manner is thoughtful. thanks!


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