Ice fishing 2014 (practically 2014) starts actually well with some extremely great Northern Pike through the ice and simply an excellent day on the lake here inMinnesota Things get a little out of control so be cautioned there is a little obscenity occasionally however okay. After the day on the ice you will get a graphic couple brief clips of cleaning up the fish, you have actually been cautioned. It was a GREAT DAY!!!


  1. Any particular reason for not using a reel? I’ve never been ice fishing,
    its a genuine question.

    great video! best

  2. Cool video! I’m ready to go fishing. Hopefully Nebraska gets enough ice
    this year or I may be travelling north to your neighborhood.

  3. Hey, I’m a new fishermen and interested in ice fishing now. How come you
    don’t kill the pike right away and let them die in the snow, again I’m not
    hating just curious. Thanks


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