Welcome to Ice Lakes! Ice Lakes is a modern-day ice fishing simulator! Use and tailor large choice of fishing gear and find out more how altering weather, bottom geography, time of day and weather influences fish habits.


IceLakes Gameplay Information:.

Inthis video game gamers can stroll easily in the lovely open world maps and check out lake, pond and river areas in varied environments. Dare to go deeper into the wild where no fisherman has actually preceded and discover the most significant catches. All maps are playable both in single gamer and multiplayer modes.

Findingthe very best fishing areas by discovering the depth maps and bottom geography of each place is enjoyable, however needs perseverance and commitment. Nothing wins the expectation of discovering the very best place or capturing the most significant fish from each lake.

When it is time to toss fishing lines into the water and begin fishing,Thegenuine enjoyment begins! The best devices for best conditions are as vital as is mastering the place. The reasonable fish habits system, fish AI and fish swarms for over 20 fish types makes this video game a realistic fishing experience. Fishing gear can be picked from a broad choice of various jigs, augers, baits and rods. An ideal mix of devices for various types depends upon the weather, however particularly weather condition and daytime conditions. Controlling a rod and a jig in the water in a best method and at the best depth in Ice Lakes is an ability of its own. Rod and jig physics ensures that fish respond authentically to gamer’s actions.

Fishingseparately without time frame or rivals makes Ice Lakes a relaxing video game to play and tune your fishing abilities in the convenience of your house. On the other hand, prolonged competitions and extremely adjustable single competitors will check the gamer’s abilities and understanding, however will reward them with brand-new devices and endless popularity.



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