Lake Erie ice fishing,, INSANE ICE FISHING! Greg t. Sickafoose


  1. Nice catches but why are you keeping huge walleye spawners…
    They were pretty much all full of eggs as well.
    Idk what you are doing with em but that’s a lot of catches, do you really
    need that many?

  2. You can try to catch bass on artificial flies.Visit my channel video,,
    Gabriel Ivan “You can catch fish and five once.

  3. this is so disgusting to watch you assholes keep these huge walleye!!! I
    can’t even Finnish watching the video!! do you like catching huge eyes??
    cause you won’t in the future keeping those!!! ??

  4. nice video. I got a question about the rig you are using. Did you put a
    spoon, minnow and then a stinger hook on it? I’m planning to go ice fishing
    this winter and need some help. Thank you in advance!!

  5. Nice fishing,

    all fish seems to have spawn / eggs in. So only stupid idiots take them
    out. Real fisherman will release them. Also living fish, throwing on ice
    … not very smart ….. overall it proved the picture of an american
    fisherman….. nice guys

  6. This is unreal. Why are you keeping so much huge walleyes? Up here in
    northern Ontario you would be heavily fround upon. Why would you want to
    take that many moms out the lake? Might as well be from the USA

  7. The fish r there to eat u guys saying put it back and giving this guy a
    hard time should be complaining about the commercial fishing, they r the
    ones who destroy the fish populations. Good job on the fish guys alot of
    people r gonna enjoy them im sure

  8. I can see from the comments that a lot of you kids have a respect for
    animals. That’s a good thing. But don’t get mad at the guy whose hunting
    food to feed his family. You’re on YouTube. Watch a couple documentaries on
    slaughterhouses, and get mad at the people who put the beef, chicken, pork
    and fish in your local grocery store…

  9. the lake they r fishing on has way more walleye than u expect and if ur
    going there its a fish of a life time


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