Jason Auld of www.auldsangling.ca fights a 26 pound pike while ice fishing in Southern Alberta,Canada


  1. I hear theres enourmous pike in canada nothing like fishing in minnesota
    because it s all fished out…
    My neighbor tells me everytime he goes up to canada he gets 10-15 pound
    northerns he throws back in the water and gets his limit on walleyes.. But
    its good to know they keep the lakes better stalked

  2. you call that a trohpy pike ? Thatsa common catch here in northern quebec .
    i got a 72 inches once then a 47 the next years and since then i kept on
    catching between 25 and 32 ever since . the reason why people trow those
    huge pike back is becasue first they are the best reproducers , second
    their meat his kind of snady on the texture making it not so pleasant to
    eat like the smaller ones . if you catch to make trphies out of them then
    its ok but if you catch them for eating then you will probably eat a bit
    and do like most people do and give it to the dogs

  3. That thing is enormous! Wish I could find them that big around the MN metro
    area! You all should check out my iFishMN channel just launched for 2016,
    cool fishing videos from MN!


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