Wow tough day. Did my best in the Atlantic Ocean off NYC and had some fun stuff and also bumped into a floating Sturgeon too! Was too tired to fish freshwater or do a night tide…crossed my fingers 73 inches will hold up.

Intro 00:00-02:30
Icebreaker Bluefish 02:30-03:30
Some Porgy Time 03:30-04:59
20.5″ Fluke 04:59-06:13
Dead Sturgeon 07:17
17.5″ Sea Bass 08:38
Another good Fluke 10:49
21″ Bluefish 12:00

Technical Stuff:
Bluefish and Scup caught on EliasVFishing Swim Shads and Whiptail Shads available at or

Fluke, Sea Bass, and some bluefish caught on 1 oz. Spro Bucktails and Gulp!

Fished with a KastKing Kayak Phantom Rod and a KastKing Sharky 2000 with 15lb KastKing Braided Line. My kayak is a Hobie Outback from 2011


  1. I have been wondering, Elias…are you part of the Eposeidon Team? I am
    under the KastKing Team directed mainly by TG.

  2. Awesome vid about to take a trip to the carolinas how hard is it launching
    from the beach with 3 foot waves and a 12ft sit on top. Thanks

  3. Wat size hook did that scup actually bite down on with that whip tail ? And
    awesome video always enjoy them.

  4. I enjoy your videos but I really wished you took more time to explain the
    (how to) in what your doing not just show catch after catch

  5. Come down to the Chesapeake Bay! I just bought an Outback and it would be
    nice to fish with an internet celebrity :)

  6. You fishing the usual this upcoming weekend? Should have my center console
    back in the water. How’s fluking been?

  7. Who is setting these challenges? Is it just a friendly competition between
    you, sea money & fishaholics, or are you following rules set out by a
    magazine, website, etc? Either way these are fun to watch!

  8. have you ever tried eating the sandsharks i hated them up to this year (we
    would use them for dog food) but i tried it and my family and i love them
    they are quite tastey


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