I stunk it up in May! Check out my competitors Videos on their Channels-

EliasVFishing- https://www.youtube.com/user/eliasvaisberg87/videos

FishAholic Fishing- https://www.youtube.com/user/fishaholictv247/videos

Kayak Angler Magazine-

I am competing against those 3 in a monthly tournament where we have a day to go out and catch as many different species off our kayaks as we can. The largest one fish from each species is scored based on inches, 1 inch = 1 point. Freshwater and saltwater species are allowed unless less than 12″ or stated by our respective states as “Illegal to fish for”. No sharks, no skates, and no sunnies (unless theyre over 12″), but everything is fair game.

I waited until the very end of May to do my Kayak Fishing Challenge (KFC) hoping that the saltwater action would pick up and I could go down to the shore and catch lots of big fish, however as the month of May went on I found saltwater fishing to be harder and harder which by Memorial Day Weekend there seemed to be so few fish in my usual haunts that I decided to abandon the saltwater and just fish freshwater.

My target species in the NJ Swamp were Pickerel, Bass and Bowfin and unfortunately the bowfin didn’t cooperate, meanwhile the Bass and Pickerel weren’t going off either, I struggled to catch a couple of each species and the ones I landed were of lackluster size.

I moved to the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia to try to catch Flatheads, Channel Cats, Stripers and whatever else was willing to hit but unfortunately for me the 2-3 year old Channel Cats had taken over, I was able to catch Channel Cats on Bread (intended for what I was hoping would be Carp), Bombers and on my way out, a Jighead with a dead sunny.

In total I caught 53.5″ between 3 species. I am disappointed in my score and am hoping to do much better in June.


  1. I’m confident that you have one of the best fishing YouTube channels out
    there. You don’t have anywhere close to the amount of subs that you
    deserve. Great work, keep it up


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