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today ty and theresa southerland do some offshore kayak fishing with yak motley from pensacola beach.


  1. Those were some nice Kings. I went out the same day on off Pensacola Beach
    and got 1 nice King and a pretty decent Spanish. I’m very excited for your
    Zoffinger trip videos too.

  2. I just want to move to Florida now !!!!! Whattttttttt????? Great video guys
    ( and girl) Can’t wait for the video with Marty.

  3. Welcome to Florida bud yo zuri crystal minnows are the best get the clear
    and blue it produces fish every time. Great vid

  4. Welcome to pcola. i originally found your channel a year or two back
    searching for pcola fishing vids. You guys will love it here

  5. shouldve just let that line out there when you got a fish like that when it
    comes down to it you either have to go over or under the line that’s out
    not hard at all

  6. That was a big thread fin school we use the sabiki on the pier try letting
    it drift instead of jigging just a slow steady retrieve

  7. Crazy fishing in north Florida. I’m in the east central region so watching
    this video makes me wanna drive up there and fish. Great vid.

  8. The one thing that sucks about Pensacola there are hardly any tackle shop
    but the one right before you hit the second bridge there not helpful

  9. Wonderful video. Yall and Yak Motley make an entertaining and exciting
    crew. Hope to see yall together soon again. Fish on!

  10. i seen some pool noodle on the fishing pole is that to find it if it fall
    over board? or does that float the rod ?


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