I headed down to Bienville Plantation to do some kayak bass fishing with my buddy Gene Jensen (Flukemaster) and my girlfriend Kristie. The trip was during the full moon, it was super hot and the gators were out in full force.

This trip was awesome and I missed a GIANT bass early on and watched several really big bass swim by through the hydrilla that we couldn’t get to eat. I can’t wait to go back because this place and fish it when the weather is a little better and I have more time to dissect the fishery.



  1. been fishing with Lizards my entire life….. if one puts “YOU” in a death
    roll is gonna be bigger than a 10 footer….. now Kristie that’s a
    different story

  2. I am a Florida native and have fished around lizards my whole life but in a
    big boat but not so much in a yak. Any advice or tips I need to be aware of
    other than the mommy protecting her young and mating season ? Always
    welcome the info. Thank you sir and keep the great vids coming.

  3. I liked to fell out of my chair when Gene was drinking Kristie’s water.
    That s**t was funny!???

    Another great video. Let me tell you… my adrenaline was pumping so hard
    waiting to see if Kristie landed that fish (sorry you missed it), and when
    you hooked up with that gator. It was almost like I was there.

  4. Dang you guys took too much time uou could have caught him if she had made
    a cast right after u when she is fired up

  5. I live and fish in south Louisiana and Gators are everywhere and if they’re
    around and showing you interest you just assume sit down that frog or any
    other topwater lure for that matter because they will not leave it alone,
    and it will draw them too close for comfort to the boat


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