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In this episode of YakFish TV, Robert Field takes a trip to the Florida gulf coast with one goal: to catch a variety of new species from the kayak. The first target: sharks. Come along for the ride as he heads offshore on the Forgotten Coast in search of some big toothy fish from his 12-foot Hobie kayak.

Featuring tips for enticing big fish to bite, techniques for fighting and landing a big shark safely, and non-stop action, this film is a wild ride from start to finish.

Robert accomplishes his goal of landing a new species, but it does not come easy.



  1. I want to go fishing with u so bad me and my dad go fishing at a place in
    Philadelphia sometimes and in my backyard but we’re moving so we won’t be
    near there

  2. I love watching you fish,you have awesome camera work and commentary.
    Thanks for taking us on your adventures and keep up the good work.

  3. nice video, reckon theirs any chance a shark could knock ya out of a kayak?
    haha just bought one today and i live in Australia and their is alot of
    sharks and crocodiles so just wondering how stable they are in that

  4. From a yak fisherman and film maker I must say I really enjoy your vids.
    Informative and great use of multi camera, you are great at both. What
    editing software do you use? Thanks


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