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In Robert’s latest episode, he’s teaming up with Bubba Bedre from Garzilla Guide Service ( to try and tackle one of the world’s true river monsters: giant alligator gar from his kayak. Bubba is a world renowned alligator gar guide who has put the likes of Jeremy Wade on monster gator gar during an episode of River Monsters on Animal Planet. Now Bubba will be showing Robert the ropes to see if he can wrangle in a few of these prehistoric beasts from a small plastic boat.

With the Trinity River at flood stage and these fish growing in excess of 200 pounds, Robert is in for one of the greatest challenges of his fishing career.

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  1. I don’t have a spinning reel that’ll handle that, got an old penn senator
    though, what ya think on using that

  2. I typed this early in the video, and you missed a few fish, and i was
    wondering if bigger treble hooks would help, but you ended up catching more
    fish, so I guess it was fine

  3. I have a 23 inch Alligator Gar as a pet and we raised it from a hatch ling
    for over 6 years! These creatures are older than some dinosaurs! Awesome
    video, Rob! :D


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