I face off against RICH in Montauk and ELIAS in Brooklyn-

Rich- https://www.youtube.com/user/fishaholictv247
Elias- https://www.youtube.com/user/eliasvaisberg87

in a Multi-Species Battle to see who can catch the most inches of fish from our kayaks in 24 hours or less. The biggest fish of each species counts, although the fish must be over legal size in our respected states and if no size limit then must be over 12″. Fresh or Salt, anything counts except skates, dogfish, oyster toads, searobins etc.

This month I had a 29″ Flathead, 24″ Channel, 23.5″ Bowfin, 16.5″ LM, and 15.5″ Pickerel for a total of 108.5″

After failing miserably at these challenges the past 2 months I figured it was time to fish the Schuylkill for Catfish. I set out into the Philly waters at 10pm and fished til 4am in the less than ideal conditions. Water was flowing at 700cfs with not a cloud in the sky, the very small 1 and 2 years old Flatheads came out very quickly and would stick around most of the night, fished my way around to different spots and the biggest Flathead I could find would go 29″, also caught one decent Channel Cat of 24″. I spent about an hour walleye fishing which yielded no bites.

From there I went to some Drainages of the Delaware River to try for Pickerel, Bass and Bowfin, covered a lot of water and came up with a 16.5″ Bass, 15.5″ Pickerel and a 23.5″ Bowfin. Early morning saw a good bit of action from the Bass and Pickerel, although the fish were generally small. Having sat in the heat all morning I opted to call it quits around 1pm, originally I planned to fish the Salt for Sharks but that sounded like a worse and worse idea as time went on. All said and done I finished with 108.5″.

It was a grueling Challenge from the get go, the schuylkill river has been so low, clear and hot this summer it has made the catfishing tough, but given the heat of the day I figured it made sense to fish all night. After 7am it was a scorcher but it wasnt til about 11am that the shade of the trees disappeared, that is the dreaded time we know as “no shadow time” and about then I realized I should have brought some water and an icy cooler. It took many hours of searching the swamps to find some bowfins but finally did get a couple, although no match to rich’s 159.5″ score

Thanks for watching!

My kayak is a 2011 Hobie Revo 13

Flathead- Penn Squall 12, 8′ st croix mojo musky
Everything Else- G.Loomis ProGreen 7’4 with Shimano Sustain 4000


  1. Yeah, I never lose fish and every one of them is way bigger than everybody
    else’s. Even when there are no big fish in the area, I still catch a big
    fish. haha. The only thing tough was watching you sit in that kayak all
    night and day. Don’t know how ya do it. I got a small boat but I couldn’t
    sit like that. Nice video again.

  2. Never caught a Bowfin and would love to since they are such a cool fish. I
    don’t think there are any near where I am in NY near Seneca Lake.

  3. Hey, big fan of the vids, and kayak fishing, could you link me to the
    brand/ type of kayak you have? Never done kayak fishing but in deffinetly

  4. DUDE! The CARP! Easy 30 inches?

    Corn alone is difficult to find though. PM and I will mail you a ready
    feeder rig for next time. Just tie it on.


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