I’ve worked very hard to give back as much as I can to the sport of kayak fishing. I have made it my number one goal to provide the best possible leadership and insights to help grow the sport and attract new participants.

No matter how hard I work, no matter how much I give, I can never give back more to the sport of kayak fishing than it has given me. Without a doubt, the single most influential decision that I have ever made on the course of my life. You should give kayak fishing a try, it will change your life.

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Produced by Heliconia http://www.helipress.com
Shot and Edited by Kelsey Thompson


  1. Amazing Bad Ass video!!! I couldn’t have said it any better. There’s just
    something about being on the water in a kayak that satisfies and enriches
    the soul!

  2. Wow thats exactly how I feel fishing is all I think about all the time. I
    think this is the best explanation of why we fish I’ve ever heard

  3. That pretty much sums up why I love and have loved fishing ever since I was
    knee high to a stump. Great Video

  4. Well done Chad.. I have been a fishing addict since my mom use to take us
    cat fishing when I was a little boy

  5. superb edition & post production … every single frame after min 3:00 is
    so f-ing awesome … thanks for sharing Chad.

  6. This is an awesome video Chad. Gonna show it to my wife so she understand
    why I love to fish.

  7. great video!!!!!hey brother,I just watched Ike Live,man I was super pysched
    to see you on there man!!I hope Ike fishes with you.people.will never
    really know until they see you pull up in that Tackle Box on 4 wheels,and
    see you look at the water.and pull out some lure I WOULD NEVER GUESS TO USE
    ON MY OWN WATER and start slamming them,I imagine you and ol Ike could
    empty out any small lake in 8 hours together.but,with all that said,with
    Ike in the Roto-Molded poly,lets get KVD or A Mart on board,I mean really
    on board like Ike.if anyone can do it you can.

  8. That was an awesome video Chad. Way to explain what fishing is to you. I’m
    sure lot of others feel the exact same way. You seem so humble and are an
    inspiration to fellow fisherman. Love your channel and thanks for sharing
    your passion with the world!

  9. Awesome video my man! Thanks for all you’ve done for this sport. I think I
    speak for tons of people when I say that without you and a few others, I
    would have never considered sitting in a kayak and trying to fish. So
    again, thank you for all your time, money, and effort put into making this
    sport what it is today

  10. Chad, Little birdie said you have a nice video up…….WOW great camera
    work and editing buddy. Very happy for you and congrats with
    everything….You Dah Man!

  11. I love this video! You totally captured the feel, look and emotions of bass
    fishing from a yak. You’re speaking for a lot of us in this vid. Beautiful


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