So we did a full Saturday kayak fishing offshore on Pensacola Beach Florida. We went out in our Hobie Kayaks to do some King Mackerel Fishing! I lost a Penn Slammer rod with an ugly stik
but we caught a lot of fishing!

Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. Was out at Opal Beach Saturday. Like you, I ran out of bait. Three strokes
    of the paddle and it was fish on. After bait was gone, was trolling back to
    beach with a Yozuri and had to finally take it out of the water since they
    were hitting that too. Good weekend.

  2. Sorry about the rod. Don’t you loggies call that a “field loss”? Samantha
    was breaking your PFD at all times rule. I’m disappointed. She’s a very
    good angler.

  3. You actually don’t keep the nose pointed towards the fish because when it
    swims towards you that leaves a chance for the fish to get unhooked


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