Jimmy (@ Frugal Physio) and I took a kayak fishing trip out to Pensacola Beach, Florida. We caught some redfish and put our Penn Reels to work!


  1. Awesome. I was out with Ty and Theresa that morning. That was my white
    Nissan truck parked next to them. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you.

  2. That looked like a sea robin. We have a lot of them up north. They have
    some very sharp spines on their gill plates.

  3. great vid
    but his name is not zoe-finger its za-fin-jer he even has a vid with ty on
    how to pronounce his name

  4. 6′? Damn, I thought you were a short dude! LOL Your catfish story is all
    too familiar…when I was a teenager my buddy and I were fishing one night,
    I caught a small cat and as usual we were joking around…I threw it at him
    and it stuck between his ribs like a dart! Getting it out was the worst

    Who do you get to make your shirts and hats?


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