Hooking a crawfish isn’t quite the same process as hooking any old fish in a lake. Find out how to hook a craw fish with help from a public speaker and the Executive Director of Recycled Fish in this free video clip.

Series Description: Even master fisherman will admit that they can still learn new things when it comes to their favorite past time. Learn about the basics of fishing and find out about a few tricks that the professionals use with help from a public speaker and the Executive Director of Recycled Fish in this free video series.


  1. perfect rig at my local creek is a live crawdad up to 1.5 in long hooked
    through tail eith a 1/8 oz jig, then slowly twitched along bottom.

  2. Great video. Personally when I rig a live crawfish, I start by putting the
    hook through the top part of the tail, where the tail and the body
    intersect, then I pull it straight down, out the underside of the tail
    (still where the body and the tail meet, the back up through the bottom
    (near the “fins” on the end of the tail) and out the topside of the tail,
    this allows the crawfish to walk freely, and my guess is that the fish bite
    from behind, to avoid the claws so this was when they bite they close down
    on the tip of the hook, making a hook set much easier.

  3. I just started using live crawfish the other day. So far my results are
    pretty varied. Ive caught a five pound catfish about a pound bluegill an
    alligator snapping turtle (loggerhead) and I hooked about a 2 pound
    walleye. They seem to do pretty good but all ive been doing is running a
    hook through the base of the tail and putting no weight or barley any and
    then just leaving and coming back. Seems to be working pretty well.

  4. Sometimes I put then on jigheads, it’s really effective especially because
    they get to the bottom faster

  5. I never really fished with them but I’ll try this year you should have gave
    us a real demo in that tank behind you!!!

  6. I used crawfish and i aint catch shit. My dad took me to the park where i
    catch a lot of bass with spinner bait.

  7. cool 🙂 I don’t really like to go fishing 😛 but I liked watching this vid
    though ^__^ really well put together =) and I learned something new aswell!
    :DD thanks for the tut! 😀


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