Finally! This past Tuesday I handled to squeeze in a couple of fishing after class and while I didn’t capture a hundred giants I was still extremely pleased to determine a good pattern. Hope you people enjoy this brief episode and I hope you found out a couple of aspects of fishing this time of year!


Song: Canteen– Artist:Feverkin

Lure: Lanier Jigs Swimjig 1/4oz.
Line: 15 pound SunlineAssasin
Rod: 7′ Medium Heavy Casting FastAction
Reel: Shimano Metanium MG DC 6.2:1.

Lure: BPS TourneyPopper
Line: 12 pound StrenMonofilament
Rod: 6′ 7″ Medium Heavy FastAction
Reel: Shimano Metanium MG DC7 7.0:1.

Precipitation: Light rain 1pm-2pm.
Sky: Strong overcast.
AirTemperature: 56-58oF.
Wind: 0-2mph.
Wind2pm: 8-10miles per hour.
Time: 10 am-3: 30 pm EST.

Spot1 Average Depth: 3ft-15ft.
Spot2 Average Depth: 1ft-4ft.
Vegetation: Thick turf.
Cover: Some medium rocks.
Bottommaterial: gravel, sand, mud.
WaterClarity: 2ft-4ft.
Est Water Temperature: 56 oF.



  1. Just caught my new PB bass the other day in a pond that’s less than half an
    acre. 4 lbs 12 oz. I live in CT. I’ve never caught a bass over 3 lbs
    before, and this thing was so big. haha. I caught it when it was 36 degrees
    outside, water was probably 40 and this thing hit a chartreuse spinngerbait
    in about 18 inches of water. I learned from watching your videos that if
    they have like a redish color in their mouth and lips, they have been
    destroying crayfish. This bass was GORGING on crayfish. Like it’s whole
    mouth was red and it was fat. It was a great discovery because I never even
    knew there were crayfish in this pond. The fishing was extremely slow there
    too. Gonna go out and buy some crayfish coloured lures and soft plastics to
    try to get a 5 lber. Somehow a few years ago, there was a 7 lb bass caught
    in this tiny little pond. If it’s still alive, thing has to be around 9 lbs
    now. There’s a shit ton of sunfish/bluegills that live in it.

  2. Could you put that cousin’s 7′ mh rod on a postal scale and tell me what it
    weighs? I’m curious to know. We do not have a tackle store near me that
    carries cousins rods. Thanks and great video as always! Just picked me up a
    metanium mg dc on ebay from Japan, great reel!

  3. Any suggestions on a left-handed casting reel for a beginner? I’ve fished
    for several years now, but I’ve always used spinning reels and I want to
    get into the casters….

  4. man i try to watch so many other fishing channels but yours is the only one
    that keeps me entertained keep the good work up

  5. I like your work young man, but take a tip from an old guy. Anytime you are
    using a bait you want to wiggle, dart around, or twitch using a clinch type
    knot is counter productive. You should use an end loop type knot. The
    Rapala knot is a good choice. I’ve been using a modified Rapala knot.
    Instead of starting with an overhand knot I start with a figure eight.
    Thread the tag side of the loop through both loops of the figure-eight and
    finish with an improved clinch. You end up with a jam loop knot that gives
    you great strength because there is a built in shock leader and the lure is
    not locked to your line so it has more freedom of movement.
    Hook a bigun!


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