The ned rig is a bass fishing method that can really kick the skunk from your boat when absolutely nothing else works! Then ned rig shines in locations with mimimal cover considering it has actually an exposed hook, once a bass grabs this thing, it hardly ever flees! I fish the ned rig on my drop shot rod with 6 pound fluorocarbon. With this established, no difficult hook set is needed, simply pull into the bass, and you’re on! If you have a ned rig in addition to a drop shot on your boat, and absolutely nothing else is working, these 2 skill rigs will keep your line tight …

Thanks for enjoying!!!


  1. Dang sweet video, i never really thought of throwing the ned rig in the dog
    days of the summer. Great video!!

  2. you always make great videos can you maybe subscribe to my channel I got
    some fishing videos and can you give my channel shout out because I can use
    some subscribers

  3. 10524…10525….10526…. and growing!! Congrats !!!! It’s a pleasure
    watch your videos!! Keep rocking !

  4. Definitely going to try this rig next time. Looks like a great alternative
    to the wacky rigged Senko and drop shot.. Thanks for sharing the technique.
    Love your attitude! Again great video.


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