Lures: 1/2 oz. Underspin
Trailer: Zoom FlukeJr
Jig: Dirty Jig in Okeechobee 420
Trailer: Paca Chunk in BamaBug
WhopperPlopper in T1000
12inch Junebug Worms
Dyes: JJ’s Magic in Red
Scent: Garlic Spray
Rod: 7’St CroixAvid
Reel: Lews Team Pro
Line: 17 pound. Stren Mono


Lizand I travel to Central Alabama searching for an ole granddaddy largemouth bass. We faught the Summer heat and captured a number of great bass on various patterns. Liz’s primary strategy was fishing a Fish Head Spin/Underspinaround aerators. My finest strategies were fishing a 1/2 oz Dirty Jig around wood then utilizing a T1000Whopper Plopper at dark. Stay tuned for Day 2 of the journey where we lastly captureMr Granddaddy … on topwater.



  1. Hey BamaBass just a opinion question for you. Do you think I should buy a
    kayak or a small pontoon with a trolling motor? I’m just a kid so I can’t
    buy anything too fancy but I want quality. So which would you prefer? Also
    any good kayaks or pontoons that are good brand and rather cheap you know
    of? Thanks!

  2. best bass I’ve gotten was on a Hulu popper in about 60ft of water. The best
    part was that I had the popper siting there not moving for at least 3min
    before the hit.

  3. I’m stupid, I had no idea thats what those things were. I’m going to fish
    around them tomorrow.


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