Sorry for the hold-up on this summertime bass fishing draws video! I got sidetracked and absolutely forgot making this, however much better late than never ever! So in this video I break down my leading 5 bass fishing LAKE lures and POND lures (yes they are various). I describe exactly what draws I utilize, rather how or where to utilize them and why I utilize them. Some of them overlap and work well in both ponds and lakes and some are simply for one or the other. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this video and potentially discovered something.



  1. Wich lure is good for a tank/pond thats 1.50 acers big? It has a lot of
    tall weeds around shallow and open water in the deeper areas.

  2. I’m going to a lake that is super up, I’m going striper fishing and in the
    evening I’m going for Smallies, any tips for those… By the way, there’s a
    ton of brush


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