Episode Index:.
Top water ideas 1.

1: 55 Why I put down the frog for the buzzbait.
3: 31 Picking a topwater in the early morning.
5: 01 Explosion!
5: 17 Early early morning pointer.
7: 05 Post generate pointer.
9: 50 Up close take!
10: 39 Picking apart a prime area.
12: 05 Mid day wind pointer for warm days.
13: 05 Bringing much deeper fish up.
13: 59 Double and calm water pointer.
15: 34 Big topwater swim bait catches.
17: 50 Big topwater swim bait ideas!
20: 14 Picking high portion mats.
21: 08 Why many people miss out on frog strikes.
24: 25 Best weedless search bait duration.



  1. IF is such an appropriate name. You are the most informative fishing
    channel on YT. Good stuff. Wish all the others would do more vids like
    yours instead of random Vlogs and useless aerial drone footage.

  2. you say it replaces a buzz bait, but it has trebbles.. wont that hang up in
    the weeds?.. buzzbait is pretty wedless


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