Informative clip on ways to successfully capture crappie.


  1. 2000 series reel, 20lb floro leader!? Just wondering why a 2lb max fish
    requires 20lb leader? I use a 15-30lb braid to 4-6lb floro for any

  2. Floro carbon sinks so it gets me to the fish faster and when I snag on
    brush and rocks the hooks bend and I spend less time tying jigs and
    cursing. Trust me the crappie could care less about the line weight. I know
    a guy who spreads jigs on stainless steel wire and he is HARD to out fish!

  3. Mr. American Fishing Person, I watched your video you ask about and no
    offense but the music you’ve inserted in the video is simply not my style
    of music (I’m sorry). I’m 65 years of age and I doubt very many people my
    age will care for that style of music. The fishing part of the video was

  4. Disagree with most everything said.
    1. color is the least important lure feature
    2. line test is more about how it affects lure action
    3. fish don’t have to be ‘active’ to strike lures
    4. lure action-by-design is the most important fish strike stimulus
    5. unpainted ball head jigs work 100% of the time (Ebay is a great source)
    6. lure can be up to 3″ long in certain designs and catch crappie all day
    long; use the small grubs for sunfish
    7. no-action tail grubs work better than the lures shown – I use one that
    looks like a bullet
    8. the only difference between curl tail and rat tail grubs are speeds of
    There’s more but this will probably be deleted.


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