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Thermocline(metalimnion) – is a unique however thin layer in a big body of water where temperature level alters more quickly with depth than it performs in the layers above or listed below. In this video I show how the temperature level of the water at the surface area (epilimnion) was considerably cooler than the temperature level of the water at the bottom (hypolimnion). Due to the fact that water is one of the uncommon compounds that drifts when in its strong type (ice), The factor why this occurs is. So, as the water reaches a freezing point, it ends up being less thick as it begins to form a crystalline structure and really increases to the surface area, while the warmer water continues to be at the bottom. However, throughout the summertime, the cooler water is discovered at the bottom while the warmer water is discovered at the surface area. As you’re most likely aware, hot air increases and cold air sinks, the exact same can be used to water when in a totally liquid state. During the spring and fall, “turnovers” take place where the layers in the water end up being consistent in temperature level for a time period.



  1. Only Mike can be in a meeting and still catch fish! You need to teach me
    your ways so I can get out on the water more often!!!

  2. after watching a few of your videos with the deeper I’ve decided to
    purchase it.. do you have any tips on setting modifications or do you just
    use the default settings?

  3. Thanks for all the videos! You really help people like me out when you show
    where you catch from land. What side of the bridge were you on? The side
    closest to the park or the side coming from Clopper Rd (MD 117)? And where
    did you park? Thanks for any advice.


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