Well this isn’t a bass fishing VLOG but I think you will still enjoy it! In this episode I connect with James from Schultz Outfitters and head to the Huron river in Ypsilanti, MI in search of GIANT carp! After about 7 hours of searching, finding, casting and not catching I finally hook up with my PB carp! (if that’s even a thing lol) I never thought fishing for carp could be so fun!


  1. Idk why people hate carp so much. Most of the time they put up a GREAT
    fight and they get to a decent size. And they’re fairly easy to hook into
    one seeing as they’ll eat just about anything

  2. Andrew here in North Carolina we fish for carp to get money from it. It’s
    fun you can sometimes get up to $1000 from it.

  3. Hey flair I’m really trying to find what spinning rod is best for finess
    bass fishing what rod and reel do you recommend?


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