Graeme reveals you some Totally Awesome Fly Fishing pointers that will assist you capture more fish! Often on stillwater fly lakes, the fish will either vacate to the middle of the lake, or remain in the margins. There are “pockets” that you can cast into which can be fish holding locations. Graeme breaks the pocket cast down for you, he even gets creative and draws a map to reveal you the best ways to approach this sort of fishing! Fly Fishing is a great type of fishing, if you ever get the opportunity we prompt you to try! It does not need to all have to do with the cast, simply go out there and experience it! T


  1. I saw a lot of rises in this video, if it was me I would be throwing out a
    dry fly 🙂 Love the visual aspect of it

  2. Hey Mike, Greame. Could you do a shore jigging video and tutorial? But not
    those light jigs, I’m thinking more like 30g and more. Please do a video
    about if if you have the time and if its possible where you live. :)

  3. +TAFishing I am going pike fishing this weekend and I was wondering if you
    could give me any tips I fished at silver end back put for pike last
    weekend and got several bites and two screaming takes which I have heard is
    very rare for pike but I was unable to hook and land one so I am not sure
    what I am doing wrong do you have any ideas ??

  4. Having a set of waders is extremely helpful at finding spots where fish
    hide and you’ll always be able to find a spot no matter how busy it is.


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