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Winner”BEST HUMOR” – 7th Annual Drake Magazine Fly Fishing Video Awards!
TroutJousters Presents – The life and times of Hank Patterson, a self announced Fly Fishing genius. His 2.5 years of experience and twenty 7 watchings of A River Runs Through It on BluRay have actually provided him little understanding and fantastic self-confidence. If you’re searching for a fly fishing resource who will inhabit your individual area and fill your head with false information, Hank Patterson is your male! Follow us at


  1. I agree with some of his comments, I’ve lost flies just as he has. Loved
    the Hopper Dropper. I’m not sure how good he is at fly fishing.Not sure
    about his casting. Snap Snap Snap

  2. Salutations Hank, I have been losing lots of flies using your casting
    technique using 6x tippet. I’m thinking of switching to 50lb power pro as a
    braid as the Cuttybrowns I fish for aren’t very leader shy. What I find is
    more effective than skating the fly is casting the flies to the other bank
    or in a tree and having fish jump out of the water to eat my fly.


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