Merry Christmas & Happy Ice Fishing! The lady is Aaron’s sis, Cari, and this is her 4th Uncut Angling look, which is precisely 4 years to the day that she hosted a Christmas Char episode in2011 In this sector she utilizes a Jackall Lures rattlebait in extremely shallow water to aesthetically attract several Arctic Char, while calling Jay and razzing him about his Drone catch video recently.


  1. “Check to make sure the hooks are OK.”

    And the rest that elicited my comment is just her actions, but it is likely
    just her being who she is and having unabated fun.

  2. Awesome video! A beautiful girl that loves to fish! The perfect female?
    I did notice the hole was pretty big and she was real close to it. That
    seems dangerous, but then again I don’t ice fish.

  3. How thick is that ice? Because thats a big ass hole. Surely it weakens the
    rest around it. No? Would not want to be anywhere near a frozen lake or
    that hole, but i’m english and this sorta thing never happens. Cool vid
    though ????


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